Available Properties
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All homes will be in next to new condition when complete.  Many
homes are in move in condition today.  Some homes are nearly
complete while work may not have been started on others.
The Robert C. Byrd Telescope.
Since the dish is over 100 meters in diameter, a football
field could be placed within the dish.
Taken during a tour of the National Radio
Astronomy Observatory, Green Bank, WV
Link to NRAO site - Green Bank Observatory
Railroading Festival in Peterstown, WV & Cass, WV
Click Here for Video of
Cass Train Belching Smoke
Video of One Cass Train
Passing Another One
Vacant Lots for Sale
Rodger is a fan of Improv
Everywhere.  Unfortunately,
Improv Everwhere creates
most of their mischief in New
York City, but last April, they
came to Columbia, SC.  The
event in SC was one of their
Mp3 Experiments.  The screen
capture at right is part of the
Epic Battle
Here is the YouTube video of the
Columbia Mp3 Experiment.
If you look carefully, you'll see Rodger
in a few scenes.  He's one of the Red
Shirts.  During the Thumb Wrestling
scene, you can see Rodger in the lower
right corner of the screen getting
whipped by a young female participant.  
See screen capture at right.
Spartanburg District Five
Spartanburg District Seven
Spartanburg District Three
Spartanburg District Two
Spartanburg District Six